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Poster for the show Puck & Rosini

Puck & Rosini

Peter Rosengren and Jens Molander star in this family-oriented magic show about two magicians who search for Esmeralda, their leading star magician, who has disappeared. Comedy, slapstick, magic and poetry in a highly original performance.

Artistic image of Peter with bunny and ropes

Rosinis Magical Universe

Peter Rosengren in a funny and heart-warming solo show about what really happened to star-magician Esmeralda, and why she became the best magician in the world. The fact that Esmeralda believed that children are much like adults in that they love good, artful magic that deceives them goes for Rosini and this show too!

Poster for the show Charles Dickens & I

Charles Dickens & I

Besides being a world-famous author Charles Dickens was an avid amateur magician who did magic in front of family and friends as "the Necromancer Rhia Rhama Rhoos". Peter has researched and written this fantasy piece about what would have happened if Charles Dickens instead of authoring books decided to go full time as a professional magician! What if?! Shocking! Revelations revealed!

Poster for the show Mellow men and hard hats

Peter Rosengren & Tom Stone

Close-Up & Unplugged by Peter Rosengren and Tom Stone was their much acclaimed first show, highly praised both by audiences and critics. They followed up with the show Lost at Sea, playing on a cruiseship between Sweden and Finland. Their current show is Hard Hats and Mellow Men. Comedy, inventiveness and hard-hitting magic by two outsiders who try to find beauty and magic in a disorienting world.

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