Corporate Magic

Satisfied clients are smiling after having witnessed Peter Rosengrens magic skills

Customize an engaging, funny and moving magical event for you and your customers.

Theatrical Magic

Peter and Jens Molander are performing the chicago ball trick

Comedy and original magic in imaginative settings.

Magic Management

Peter and Jonathan Pendragon in dialogue

Peter Rosengren is a firm believer in Solution Focus, and will use that plus original and magical methods to help your company forward.

The man in the image have a short beard and a hat. On his shoulder rests a small skull. He looks concentrated. This is Peter Rosengren, the magician.

Peter Rosengren is a prize-winning magician and management trainer. He is a former CEO of a small swedish IT-company, and a former employee of MiL Institute, Swedens foremost management training institute. With a background as a R&R drummer in several highly acclaimed underground rock bands, Peter is a most original, versatile, and experienced professional performer in his chosen fields.

"I thought I had to have a normal job, to see if I could do normal. Thats why I was a CEO for a while, but I found out that my talents are more on the other side of strange than selling computers..." - Peter Rosengren

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